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Ever since it was created in 2008, Inverted Audio has remained a fully independent structure, free from the hindering obligations conveyed by undesired affiliations to any business market of any kind.

The financial and operational independence of our magazine is not only key to its existence per se but a broader societal matter impacting all of our fellow, self-reliant colleagues from a variety of outlets, who – just like us – have a hard time keeping their heads above water without succumbing to the luring sirens of capitalism.

With the growing success of the site came its lot of onuses and new necessities, forcing us to envisage new ways of doing to sustain in a world where platforms of similar size and taste seem to vanish at an alarming rate (we miss you sorely, Juno Plus) whilst the rich get richer and the rest of us get the leftovers. You will have realised that running this website costs a lot of money and we’re starting to feel the pinch.

If you respect, enjoy and learn from what we publish, and like us, expect the site to carry on pumping out choice reads and carefully-curated material for the real music enthusiasts, please take a moment to consider donating what ever sum you can, so we can keep Inverted Audio here for the future.

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Ewan Pearson
Ewan Pearson