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Antepop (DJ) / Matilda Skelton Mace (Visual)


Antepop (DJ) – Berlin

Under the alias of Antepop goes Tom Durston, founder and editor-in-chief of London-based music magazine Inverted Audio. Practicing his art through vinyl grooves only, his selections give full vent to extended blends of widescreen electronics, rugged techno and deep house. If Jungle and Drum & Bass were his first love, Antepop went on to explore a more diverse spectrum, drawing in the far-reaching scope of Inverted Audio’s coverage the essence to reinvent himself time after time.

Hosting a monthly residency on South London’s Balamii Radio, he recently graced the decks of Farr Festival, Peckham Rye Music Festival, Bussey Building, Corsica Studios, Cannavan’s and Dance Tunnel, whilst sharing the stage with the likes of the Dial crew (Lawrence, Efdemin, John Roberts), Alma Negra, Chloe Alice Frieda, D.K. aka 45 ACP, Deepchord, Jacques Bon, John Swing, Jon Rust, Lena Willikens, Luke Abbott, Tasker, Ulrich Schanuss, Vladimir Ivkovic, Young Male and more.

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Matilda Skelton Mace (Visual) – London

Matilda Skelton Mace is a London based visual artist. She works with the building blocks of reality – space, light, and geometric form. She is interested in the ‘in between’, exploring ideas of implied, imagined and virtual space, the dissonance that can arise between real and virtual and the way we perceive it. Matilda is available for custom light design installations, alternatively check her existing work below.

Window – Modular Light Sculpture with live or pre-recorded visuals

Window‘ is a geometric projection surface to explore vibrant pattern and movement, abstracted from found footage of natural structures and machine motion. It is composed of corrugated plastic and a wooden structural frame. It can be suspended by chains, rope or secured onto a flat wall using a wooden bracket that must be drilled into the wall (4 screws).

Matilda must have sufficient time (3 hours at least) to install, hang and map the visuals to the sculpture. A front facing projector which must be hung up high to avoid blinding the DJ. For best viewing, additional stage lighting must be limited so that it doesn’t overwhelm the projection, and not pointed in the direction of the sculpture.

Dimensions: 3.5 x 1.6 x 0.9 metre
Weight: 12 KG + 2 lengths of chain to hang it (can be fixed to wall)

Provided: Monitor, VJ Controller, Computer
Required: HD Projector, HDMI Cables, VJ Booth with 6 UK Plug Sockets, Secure Lock Up

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