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Listen to a hybrid-electronic mix from Fred Mann

Berlin-based producer Fred Mann delivers a merciless hybrid-electronic podcast for Framework Records podcast series ‘X Type’.

Opening with textural field recordings from Natasha Barrett and Harry Bertoia’s Sonambient sound sculptures, the mix builds and drives towards spine-tingling electronica and techno from the likes of Ireen Amnes, Rhyw and Stanislav Tolkachev, and ends with brooding harmonies from PYUR and John Gürtler.

“It was pretty eye-opening digging around for this mix. It felt like I was witnessing a renaissance of new music, especially from women. Most people quite rightly feel like this has been a disastrous year for the music industry but in terms of production I think we will look back at this year and be amazed at how much great music was made.”

Labels I love, including Editions Mego, Timedance, and Ilian Tape, are releasing so many gems at the moment, but with the advance of Bandcamp and the ease of self-releasing there is sublime music in every nook and cranny. Fingers crossed for the future, I’m weirdly optimistic!”

Fred Mann performs live in Berlin on 14 October at Prince Charles as part of arch 0.3 with Amandra (live), Perm (live) and Johanna Knuttson (DJ). Buy Tickets.


1. Natasha Barrett – Microclimate – V. Water Fall
2. Harry Bertoia – Vulcan’s Play
3. Oto Hiax – Flist
4. Kali Malone – Arched In Hysteria
5. Masaki Uchida – Lucy
6. Carlo Maria – Riverberato
7. Ireen Amnes – Insurgent
8. Microthol – Dissonanz
9. Lurka – Point Noise Behaviours
10. Rhyw – Unreleased
11. Laksa – Madu’s Break
12. HOT WAVS – Neural Wetwork
13. Stanislav Tolkachev – Truth Be Told
14. Introversion – Duat
15. Rune Bagge – Never Left
16. Fred Mann – Horizon (Unreleased)
17. PYUR – Agape I
18. John Gürtler – Russia Falling
19. Download – Were