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Premiere: Local Suicide & Skelesys – No Evidence (Intergalactic Gary Remix)

Samo Records celebrate their fifth anniversary and tenth release simultaneously with a collaborative release courtesy of Greco-German twosome Local Suicide and Skelesys, entitled ‘No Evidence’.

The EP spans five tracks that encroaches upon the dancefloor sensibilities with carefully-layered acid, galloping basslines and thoughtful percussion. With the two original tracks creating a unique balancing act of energies that invite the listener to peruse, it’s our pick for today’s premiere that really jolts the body into focus.

Intergalactic Gary needs no introduction; a legendary, luminous craftsman on his own – he infuses ‘No Evidence’ with a calculating and crisp narrative assertion that pulsates at every crevice of the track from beginning to end, ultimately stamping a call to action towards letting loose in body and spirit on the floor with verve. Check out the tune and see where it takes you after the jump.

‘No Evidence’ is scheduled for release 4 March via Samo Records. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. No Evidence
2. Weird Encounters
3. No Evidence (Intergalactic Gary Remix)
4. Weird Encounters (Anatolian Weapons Mix)
5. No Evidence (Facets Remix)