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Premiere: Tor5y x Lil Asaf – Andaf Naw3

Cairo’s ZULI, along with friend Rama, have announced the launch of their ‘irsh‘ label with a 10-track compilation playfully titled, ‘Did You Mean: Irish’.

Featuring musicians who’ve made an appearance at their ‘irsh’ underground nights which celebrate local creativity, throughout the compilation we’re treating to an array of new music from the Egyptian capital and beyond, including Palestinian rapper Al Nather and respected producers such as 3PHAZ and Kareem Lofty.

Tor5y and Lil Asaf throw down a burnt-out trap rendition on ‘Andaf Naw3‘, our premiere. Albeit brief, the pair’s unflinchingly Arabic take on the genre is fierce; the twitching hi-hats so ubiquitous in trap are pitched and slowed down almost into the background as Lil Asaf’s warped drawl spills out over the bent, burnt, and dented instrumental, resulting in a uniquely refreshing version of the genre.

‘Did You Mean: Irish’ is scheduled for release 25 September. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. ltfll – Estemara Umru Mesa
3. ZULI – Bombardino
4. Kareem Lotfy – Molten Tactics
5. Onsy – Withdrawal
6. Tor5y x Lil Asaf – Andaf Naw3
7. Abdullah Miniawy & HVAD – The Dirty Canes Lake
8. 3Phaz – Cluster Drum
9. Al Nather – Bil 3asaya
10. El Kontessa – Madrab Deban