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Private Eyes: Mirror Image/Anasazi

Released: 6 February 2017
A1. Mirror Image
B1. Anasazi

Having been neglected for a certain time in the advantage of the all-powerful house and techno twins, electro seems to be progressively gaining back the ground it deserves. Producers like Luke Eargoggle, Dez Williams, Glass Figure and a number of likeminded electro-pushers have been bearing the torch since the passing of James Stinson and Drexciya’s ending, in addition to Gerald Donald perpetuating the legacy of the underwater dwellers’ duo as Der Zyklus or Dopplereffekt, amongst other things.

Following a similar path to Interstellar Funk’s recent gem ‘Caves Of Steel‘ as remixed by Convextion, Olf’s newest venture as Private Eyes – featuring Jeroen – is a matter of cosmic, analogue-heavy greatness tailored for full-scope space vistas.

On ‘Mirror Image‘ the extraterrestrial electro vibe blasts out of the sky like a rusty shuttle pushed off its orbit, zooming and disintegrating from a layer of the atmosphere to the other. The engine’s security system bleeps and bloops under the sustained onslaughts of a burning italo bass, rising the room’s temperature drastically as immensely nostalgic piano chords work their tear-jerking magic. A staggering tune that shall leave a proper indelible mark on your mind.

Interstellar Funk then takes full control of Side B with ‘Anasazi‘, a much more introspective slab of tight-laced electronics rapidly veering off onto finely-textured drone and dubby ambient moonscapes. The hardware-friendly approach confers further sonic field-depth for each element to expand beyond its own direct utility role in a rather haunting and hypnotic way. Much like side A but on a different tone, this one mirrors a compelling strength in arrangements and overall intensity that will echo long after your last listen. Next level!

Mirror Image/Anasazi is out now, pre-order a vinyl copy from Juno.


A1. Mirror Image
B1. Anasazi

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