Kai Alce
Kai Alce



Please send links to download or stream your music to music@inverted-audio.com.

Please make sure it is your work and that you own all legal rights to it, or you know for a fact it is widely available and acceptable to for us to post. We do not promote bootlegged releases, such as torrents and illegal downloads, or any other activity that may harm artists and their respected record label.


If you you would like to inform Inverted Audio of any breaking news, please send all details to news@inverted-audio.com. All festival and event promotion must be paid for please email us to discuss.


We receive a vast quantity of music every week and we make sure that we listen to everything we get sent. Please do not take a delayed response personally, additionally, only accepted material will make it onto the site and we may not contact authors of that material. If we need additional material – we will be in contact.


We do not support illegal torrents or downloads, or any other activity that may harm artists and their respective record label. Our aim is to push musicians and artist to our best capacity. If you are the rightful owner of featured content and are unhappy about it, please contact us with details to locate the issue.

Kai Alce
Kai Alce