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Vinyl Artwork Of The Year 2013

The votes are in and the winner of Vinyl Artwork Of The Year 2013 is Gold Panda ‘Half of Where You Live’ released via NOTOWN Records and Ghostly International, designed by Andy Gilmore.

Ceephax: Cro Magnox

1. Cooling Ponds (Drowning)
2. National Grid
3. Winterlo
4. Natural Spectrum
5. Memory Lake
6. Camelot Science
7. Transcontinental Power Lines
8. Cro Magnox
9. Quincy’s Classic
10. Imperial Lounge (Maximillion)
11. Voyage Of Excellox
12. Cobra Mist (Pylon Emotions)
13. Flight Of The Condor
14. Reactor
15. Newhaven Lights
16. Forest Zone 303
17. Voyage Of Excellox (Original)
18. Cobra Mist (Sidstation Version)