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Premiere: New Jackson – Leave Me Making

Released: 17 April 2017
A1. Anya's Piano
B1. In My Room
B2. Leave Me Making

Former member of the Tindersticks with whom he toured in 2010, graduated in music technology at Dublin’s prestigious Trinity College and holder of a well-furnished back catalogue including releases on John Talabot’s Hivern Discs, Major Problems, Permanent Vacation and Fort Romeau’s Cin Cin, David Kitt aka New Jackson is – to say the least – an intriguing figure and well-traveled artist.

Since establishing as a solo producer, Kitt’s shown an obvious inclination for horizontal melodic races and spacious audio layouts. Carried by omnipresent new-wavey synth motifs, rushing grooves and what’s become a trademark of his, the constant use of vocoder which he so nicely put to use on tracks like the anthemic ‘Sat Around Here Waiting‘ and ‘Of A Thousand Leaves‘, his compositions meld the sensuousness of French filtered-house and Italo-disco with the hypnotic depth of ambient and electronica.

An all-round Dubliners’ affair, New Jackson’s forthcoming EP for the Irish capital bellwether All City radiates with the same feel-good enthusiasm that innervated his previous outings, like on the present vocoder-heavy ‘Leave Me Making‘ which you can now listen in full through our channels. Gliding effortlessly from vaporous mind-expanding heights down to rousing air-to-ground dancefloor convertibility, its lavish swash of robot melancholia and velveteen ritornello hit the spot in all finesse.

Anya’s Piano is released via All City on 17th April, pre-order a vinyl copy from Juno.


A1. Anya’s Piano
B1. In My Room
B2. Leave Me Making

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