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Anna Funk Damage up next on LazyTapes with ‘Badass Bitch’ EP

LazyTapes are coming straight for your throat and eardrums in 2020 with coruscating punk techno and mind-scrambling vocals on their latest EP from Italian producer Anna Funk Damage. Cera Khin’s Berlin-based label supplies EBM, breakneck techno and harsh club sonics for its fifth release.

Following in the footsteps of its explorative sister releases from Peder Mannerfelt, Ossia and Christoph De Babalon, Anna Funk Damage consolidates an anti-establishment outlook into his work. He compacts grinding hardcore values into ‘Badass Bitch’ and ‘Bloodydeath’ with needle-sharp synthesized chords and mind-melting torturous vocals that are not for the faint-hearted. Warning: Not intended for home listening.

Prepare to feel the rage and turn yourself inside out lickety-split with our premiere ‘Elm Street Faster Edition’. A 160 BPM hard trance workout that will boggle yer mind! The mild in comparison but still tough-as-nails ‘That’s Why I’m Hot’ tones down the angst, opting for hypnotic wavering chords, a reverbing palette of percussion and a jittering drum pattern.

‘Badass Bitch’ EP is scheduled for release 30 January, pressed in a limited edition of 300 units served with screen printed artwork designed by Patch D. Keyes. Order a copy from rwdfwd.com.


A1. Badass Bitch
A2. Bloodydeath
B1. Elm Street Faster Edition
B2. That’s Why I’m Hot

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