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Demdike Stare to release Shinichi Atobe’s debut ‘Butterfly Effect’ LP

After almost 15 years without releasing any material since his one and only instalment to date, the beautiful ‘Ship-Scope‘ released on Basic Channel’s offshoot Chain Reaction, the secret and elusive Japanese producer Shinichi Atobe is seeing his first LP being released on Demdike Stare’s DDS outlet. The EP has been a long time favorite of Sean Canty and Matt Whittaker and the duo did their utmost to chase Atobe and find out who he actually was – speculations having even led some people to believe that the man could actually be a member of Basic Channel under guise.

This epic story eventually resulted in this wonderful debut ‘Butterfly Effect‘, made up of tracks Canty and Whittaker unearthed after a source at Basic Channel disclosed a mysterious address in Japan. With a lot of hard-work and tenacity the duo then assembled and compiled the material found and turnt it into this magnificent-looking 12 track double-platter of which Boomkat gives a rather tasty glimpse:

“What a weird and brilliant album it is – deployed with a slow-churn opener that sounds like a syruppy Actress track, before working through a brilliantly sharp and tactile 9 minute Piano House roller that sounds like DJ Sprinkles at his most bittersweet, before diving headlong into a heady, Vainqueur inspired droneworld. It’s a confounding album, full of odd little signatures that give the whole thing a timeless feel that’s completely detached from the zeitgeist – like a sound bubble from another era.”

Pretty appetizing, isn’t it?

The album is available to order via Boomkat. Mastered and cut by Matt Colton, it comes in an individually numbered edition of 600 copies for the world, initial 200 on coloured vinyl. Vinyl purchases come with a download of the full album plus 4 bonus tracks dropped into your account on Monday, October 27th. CD comes housed in a hand-stamped and individually numbered reverse-board mailer, includes 4 bonus tracks not on the Vinyl edition.



A1 Free Access Zone 1
A2 Free Access Zone 2
A3 Free Access Zone 4
B1 Free Access Zone 5
B2 Free Access Zone 7
C1 Waste Land 1
C2 Waste Land 2
D1 Butterfly Effect

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