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Eduardo De La Calle to release expanded boxset via Mental Groove

Eduardo De La Calle first made his appearance on Oliver Duarte’s Mental Groove imprint back in May 2012 with the first of his ‘Analog Groove’ series, which he completed last year with the 4th and final release. The Spanish producer will team up once again with Mental Groove to release a limited edition LP that will include unreleased and rare tracks plus the already released tracks that make up the Analog Groove series.

Aiming to guide the listener through a complete journey that takes place out of space, the six-vinyl limited edition ends with a space walk around the planets with ten extra loops inspired by the solar system, as well as a 20 minutes live space jam inspired by KLF Nineties ambient album ‘Chill Out‘ and Galaxy 2 Galaxy’s ‘Metamorphosis‘ on Underground Resistance.


Since the aesthetical look is always of primary importance, the visual identity is made with the images engraved on the Voyager Golden Record, giving a special extraterrestrial look to this mesmerising expanded boxset that lifts up the listener to Eduardo De La Calle’s incredible releases on Mental Groove.

Analog Grooves* (*translation) is released via Mental Groove on 26th February 2016. 


A1. Never Summertime Again (Re-modelled mix)
B1. E*E* (Rave signal rework)
C1. E*E* (Deva remake)
D2. Slowlife (Rework)
E1. Yasodamai
F1. Blade Runner
F2. Repetance
G1. Vasudevas Wonderland
H1. Mental Jazz
I1. The Window Rocket
J1. SP0000 7
K1. Echoes From Planet Earth
L.1 10 x [∞ infinite loop]

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