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Into the world of Benedikt Rugar

Benedikt Rugar is the brilliant illustrator behind some of Berghain’s flyers and countless numbers of art pieces for Cocktail d’Amore, RBMA and others. We caught up with the Berlin-based artist to discuss pen magic, current musical favourites and his recent magnum opus for Bangkok’s Beam Club.

Matilda Skelton Mace

Ahead of our rave in Peckham on 13 November, we caught up with visual artist Matilda Skelton Mace to discuss her light sculptures and how she will be installing them into Bussey Building to create an all encompassing magnetic audiovisual experience.

Wolfgang Voigt

We caught up with Wolfgang Voigt to discuss his relationship with popular culture, American Abstract Expressionism, Kompakt, his various monikers and musical projects and how he
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