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Horsepower Productions supply a showcase mix for Newtype Rhythms

When someone chats about dubstep, they always lead back to the source: back at Big Apple in the early 2000s with sounds from Horsepower Productions. From their revolutionary twists and turns that led their mutated garage to swing towards the phenomenon that became dubstep, to their latest bass barrages on Tempa and more recently, Sneaker Social Club; the UK legends have already cemented their status in the ongoing scripture of British bass music.

Though their contribution to the last two decades of bass music have been relevant on an ancillary and influential stance, their direct contributions stand out specifically for their sheer consistence towards experimentation; referencing jazz, jungle, house and techno in ways that captivate crowds and capitulate dance floor trends.

With the release of their latest ‘Stranger/TP 12-inch on Sneaker Social Club, Horsepower Productions turn the clock back to the ’90s, with their brisk and beatific take on hardcore. That’s something that’s evident in spades with their brilliant guest mix for Newtype Rhythms – an all-production mix that beguiles with each track. Check out their mix at the 42 minute mark, with resident Sheepshead warming things up with some bounce and pounce.

Photo from Resident Advisor


00:00-42:10 – Mixed by Sheepshead

01. Synkro – Waiting Room
02. Roska & Serocee – Gimme That (feat. Nané)
03. Circuit 900 – Sapientia
04. Brackles & Shortstuff – Good Foundations (Doc Daneeka Remix)
05. Walton – Depth Charge
06. PEDRO – No Mussulo
07. Scratchclart – Rice & Peaz
08. Cocktail Party Effect – Triops
09. Benny Ill – Triple S (El-B Remix)
10. Doctor Jeep – Vault Of Glass (Electro Version)
11. Tension – Cymbal Thief
12. 2562 – Cheater
13. R.O.S.H. – You Should

42:34 – END – Mixed by Horsepower Productions

100% all-production mix

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