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Ingleton Falls: Champagne In Mozambique

Responsible for just a pair of confidential releases between 1993 and 1994, Ingleton Falls mainly made a mark with their now highly sought-after tape, ‘Champagne In Mozambique’ – a five-track EP that Isle Of Jura first re-released back in October last year on cassette format and have now pressed onto black plastic for the first time ever.

Unearthing Lost Treasures: Isle Of Jura

After ten years at Tsuba, Kevin Griffiths moved on to fully dedicate his time and energy to reissuing highly sought-after gems and long-lost treasures. With two benchmark represses out in 2016, amongst which Escape From New York’s Fire In My Heart, the end of year was about the perfect time to catch up for a chat and discuss his first year at the helm of Isle Of Jura, selection methods and reissue process.