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Listen Back to a beatific journey from Beastie Respond on Newtype Rhythms

When it comes to covering ground in terms of genre, no one does it quite like Danish producer Beastie Respond – as over the last six years he’s found way to weave narratives between genres such as boogie, drum’n’bass, electro, funk, footwork, and much more with relative ease.

Bending sounds towards his focus is what sets him apart from most, which is why he caught the eye of Berlin-label Foul-Up – coming off strong releases from Galaxian and Metalized Man and looking to go even further with their catalog by adding a wondrous album from Beastie.

His newest album, ‘Information City‘, is a tight, 39-minute blitz of hyperkinetic, melodic and transcendent bombast – taking short breaths and traveling across the emotional spectrum like you were warping through hyperspeed. Someone like that was bound to do something space-oriented in due time, and then we saw that he was contributing to Newtype Rhythms and the dots connected from there.

Check out the latest episode below, which features a breezy opening set from resident and host Sheepshead (featuring tracks from Blawan, J.F. Burma, Rebekah, Skee Mask and more) as well as Beastie’s thrillingly compact mix that starts at around 38 minutes in.

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