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Planet Uterus hints forthcoming album from Traumprinz

With the recent upload of ‘life‘ through Planet Uterus‘ Soundcloud, it appears that the producer most commonly known as Traumprinz is back with fresh material and a potential new album in 2023.

Spanning 1 hour and 26 minutes, ‘life‘ presents 16 tracks of beautifully produced dream state house and smooth as silk dub techno from the elusive German artist. Fans have been quick to soak up the material, with mandarin sharing “I just cant contain this any further .. straight POD resurrected .. kinda .. but in a much different way”

Being on the cusp of Christmas this is a most welcome return for the producer and with the cover art of an ultrasound – it could indicate the imminent arrival of a new-born  baby or perhaps the birth of Jesus Christ. All we can say is go and listen to ‘life’ without hesitation and let’s just pray for a new LP in the New Year.


1. Im Rausch Der Tiefe
2. The Day After Tomorrow
3. About Leaving
4. Elevate This
5. Floodgate
6. The Luring of the Beyond
7. Closedgates III
8. Take Your Time
9. Psi
10. Trippyaf
11. Upstairs
12. Climber
13. Light Flooded
14. Life (Beautiful (No Matter What))
15. Broken Home
16. Outro