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Premiere: Anton Levdikov – Umbriza

Two years since their first compilation ‘Radar‘, Bravers prepare to release ‘The Umbra Is Going Wild‘ EP from label co-founder Anton Levdikov.

Acclaimed for bringing obscure disco rarities to post-Soviet dance floors, Anton Levdikov delivers his first solo EP packing industrial blends of EBM, electro, dark disco and new beat. Levdikov’s two solo tracks are also bolstered with five remixes from label co-founder Oryol, TKUZ, Julia Konor, Pinkman affiliate LVRIN and Ivan De La Rouch.

Our pick is Levdikov’s second solo track ‘Umbriza‘ – a bold EBM workout, powered with space echo snares, tenebrous bass arpeggios and spine-tingling synths, ‘Umbriza‘ sounds like the quintessential soundtrack for creatures of the night.

‘The Umbra Is Going Wild’ EP is scheduled for release on 16th April via Bravers. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Umbra is going wild
2. Umbriza
3. The Umbra is going wild (Oryol Remix)
4. The Umbra is going wild (Tkuz Remix)
5. Umbriza (Julia Konor remix)
6. Umbriza (Lvrin Remix)
7. Umbriza (Ivan De La Rouch Remix)