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Premiere: Arctor – Coma

An ambitious 22-track survey of the genre, for some electro fans, Mind Controlled Rectifier’s new compilation might seem like too much of a good thing. However, it’s more likely that the Georgian imprint’s latest release will be warmly received, as it brings together new school favourites, such as Privacy and Sansibar, and some of the genres most promising emerging talents.

As Arctor, Tom Livingston has been crafting smart electro bombs for the past few years. On ‘Coma’, he serves up a testament to the soulful potential of a genre that, in many of its contemporary iterations, often steers away from cheerful tones, instead, taking the dark and clinical route.

With complex melodies, glitchy textures and robotic vocals, ‘Coma‘ proves that the Glaswegian has a keen eye for detail and arrangement. Comparisons could be made to the work of French producer dynArec or OCB, the Moroccan rhythm wiz. And while Arctor is perhaps one of the lesser-known names on ‘VA002’, he’s definitely well worth keeping an eye on.

‘VA002’ is out now via Mind Controlled Rectifier. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Volruptus – Neckjerk
2. Privacy – The Net
3. Yarn Init – Dont Bother
4. Binary Digit – Rocade Sud Funk
5. Sansibar – Mementomori
6. Jetson G – This Bang Drag
7. Generali Minerali – Secret Location
8. tàgi – Syntax Error
9. Terrestrial Access Network – Sentient Substance
10. Loïcc – Falloff (Acidmix)
11. Nyla & Ossify – Hausdorff
12. TSA VS DJ Astrobee – Z600.8
13. Arctor – Coma
14. Hamatsuki – Pre Accident Demo Tape
15. Leshutler – Crosstown Traffic
16. Toke – Forma
17. Elmono – Milkydromeda
18. Estebahn – Gravity Control
19. Francois Dillinger X The Droid – Ill Logic
20. J Wax – Choke
21. Raw Takes – Pop Yo Pussy
22. 666uba – Integral Dynamics