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Premiere: Art In Motion – Glimpse of Existence (Modular Jam)

Celebrating their 100th release, Rio De Janeiro via Lisbon imprint Plano B line up three polyphony marvels  – courtesy of producer and label head honcho Vicente Amadeo, better known as Art In Motion.

Following previous releases on Plano B Records and Brazilian imprint Me Gusta, ‘Arado‘ sails us away from our daily struggles with its flecks of euro rack harmonies, languorous house rhythms and trance-like space capsules. Over three tracks, Art In Motion offers a soothing sound harvest incorporating complex arrangements and candid frequencies.

Our pick from the release is ‘Glimpse of Existence (Modular Jam)‘ – thanks to his submarine signals overlapping with sci-fi frequencies and glazed with evanescent arpeggio swirls. If you’re one of those time travelers who dreams of dumping your ritzy watch into the Atlantic Ocean, this is for you.

‘Arado’ is scheduled for release on 17th November via Plano B Records. Order a copy from Beatport.
1.  Arado (Original Mix)
2.  Hiking Paradise (Original Mix)
3.  A Glimpse Of Existence (Modular Jam)