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Premiere: Bell Curve – La Croix

Now on the cusp of their hundred-forty-fourth release, California-based record label Dome Of Doom line up eleven berserk earthquakes – courtesy of Texas-based DJ and producer Bell Curve.

Following several releases on German label Seilscheibenpfeiler Schallplatten, Ernest D.Tapes and NYC-based label Sweat Equity, Bell Curve delivers her sophomore album ‘Deep End‘ – a collection of digital grime and experimental dancehall featuring the likes of Manchester-based Fox, big sound boy Logan, Chiara Noriko, New Orleans vocalist Tra$h Magnolia and Equiknoxx’s torchbearer Shanique Marie – meticulously mastered at Ten Eight Seven with an bubble-like interactive experience.

Our pick from the release is ‘La Croix‘ – a heavy-percussion polyphony climax transporting you to West Chicago in the middle of a footwork battle full of deviant zombies. Featuring cyber rhythms and massive sub-bass frequencies drenched with interstellar FX sounds, Bell Curve makes you feel lost and elevated at the same time.

‘Deep End’ is scheduled for release on 17th November via Dome Of Doom. Order a cassette copy from Bandcamp.


1. Deep End
2. Activate (feat. Tra$h Magnolia)
3. Sidestep
4. Sea Grass (feat. Fox)
5. La Croix
6. Type (Meltdown) (feat. Chiara Noriko)
7. Pulse
8. Maintaining (Step Out) (feat. Logan)
9. Bad Gyal Angel-r (feat. Shanique Marie)
10. Quicksand
11. Drop