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Premiere: Bézier – 林百貨

One year after the release of his anticipated debut album ‘Parler Musique‘ on Josh Cheon’s Dark Entries, ex San Fran-based, Berlin-relocated producer Bézier returns with a special new five-tracker for Honey Soundsystem’s label offshoot HNYTRX.

Titled ‘府城‘, Robert Yang’s latest was recorded in a vacant apartment unit in his grandmother’s property in Tainan, Taiwan. Giving further insight into the uniquely personal recording process that gave birth to this EP, the press release explains:

Having to make the 15+ hour journey from SF to Taiwan multiple times in 2018, Bézier set up shop in Amah’s house surrounded by his live touring setup, a microphone, and the memories of loved ones recently passed.

Our pick ‘林百貨‘ finds Bézier blazing a trail across the golden-hour sky up onto unmapped, otherworldly spheres. Revving up its synth-fuelled engines to get out of a sorrowful mist as flat-tuned arpeggios respray heaven into panchromatic sensibilities, this one has the power to change the darkest of heartbroken vibe into a much serviceable fertiliser for the better times ahead. Dazzling material.

府城 EP is out now, order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. 孔廟
2. 府城
3. 林百貨
4. 綠館三溫暖
5. 觀夕平台

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