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Significant Other breaks the web for Newtype Rhythms

Another episode of our sister mix series Newtype Rhythms returns with a long-form ode to the maddening desires of the electronic music palette, this time courtesy of NY-via-UK producer Significant Other.

An intriguing voice whose debut release on SP:EC last year threw a lot of people for a loop — inventive, idiosyncratic and incredible raucous, his three-track debut Triptan was a wonderful surprise to lovers of sub-bass and exploration.

Whilst he’s prepping for an equally intriguing 2019, he was tasked to deliver a guest mix for Newtype Rhythms in the interim, and what he provided was nothing short-of mesmerising. Check out this amazing guest mix at the 53-minute mark, with resident Sheepshead traversing between experimental and dubstep vibes to warm things up from the outset.


00:00 – 52:40 – mixed by Sheepshead

1. Bruce – Let’s Make The Most Of Our Time Here
2. Midori Takada & Masahiko Satoh – Nahm
3. Logos – Marsh Lantern
4. Cosmin TRG – Paradigm Shift ASAP
5. Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto – Iano
6. Chevel – Always Yours Amended
7. Autechre – Pule
8. Byetone – postpostrefabricated
9. Deadbeat – Lost Luggage
10. Shackleton – (No More) Negative Thoughts
11. Mala – Lean Fwd

53:06 – END – mixed by Significant Other

1. PROCESS – Untitled 1
2. Rrose & Lucy – Seeds of Discontent
3. FFT – abstract5
4. Crypticz – The Path
5. Entire – Two Spirits
6. Morphy – Black Velvet
7. Jensen Interceptor – Shape Lurks
8. Clip – DFW Sweep
9. Senking – Black Ice
10. Lanark Artefax – Styx
11. *Rain* (field recording)
12. Robert Fleck – Soft Focus
13. Nekyia – Dream Within A Dream
14. DB1 – Zukr
15. Dan HaberNam – One
16. *Camcorder* (ambience)
17. Upsammy – Zona
18. Natso AS – On Set
19. Spatial – Abora
20. Jean Pierre – Beyrouth
21. Simon Shreeve – The Healing Bowl
22. Piezo – Rash
23. Happa – Crickets
24. Jamie Blanco – Progressive View
25. Local Group – Baby E

Discover more about Significant Other on Inverted Audio.

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