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Premiere: Sepehr – Reluctancy

As we gear up towards the weekend, we find ourselves craving the ascension needed to lift themselves from work, life and all the other misdirections that keep us from the warm embrace of a lively dancefloor; and the antidote for that lies within today’s premiere — an exorbitant vertical slice of electro from San Francisco-based producer Sepehr.

After previously releasing on labels such as Dark Entries and EON, this burgeoning talent is unleashing an explosive five-tracker on SPE:C, a label that’s keen on finding gems within the coral reefs beneath us.

While the aptly titled ‘Fury’s Edge’ EP explores many moods and tempos, “Reluctancy” serves a perfect introduction to Sepehr’s calculated and crisp approach to electro; full of enveloping bass, seismic rhythm effectiveness and a sense of mischief that will charm any dancefloor willing to take a dive into the deep.

‘Fury’s Edge’ is set for release 29 March 2019 via SPE:C. Order a copy via Bandcamp.


1. Fury’s Edge
2. Unfold Your Myth
3. Party at Heaven’s Gate
4. Roll the Dice
5. Reluctancy

Discover more about Sepehr and SPE:C on Inverted Audio.