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Premiere: DJ Küsse – Gone (99′ Mix)

The adorably named DJ Küsse momentarily slipped into our peripherals in late 2018 with a piano-laden cut on the Swedish imprint Born Free, spawning many unanswered questions as to their identity. Finally, 6 months down the line we have an abundance of info on this hitherto unfamiliar entity.

Along with two friends, Küsse has foregone the clichéd pipe dream and started a label and club night in Berlin. The conceptual name is Sensible Seelen, and the inaugural release is a live-instrument orientated effort shared between DJ Küsse and Khshathra (another 1/3 of the label), featuring two top notch remixes from Samo DJ and Karima F.

Upon digging a little deeper we discovered that DJ Küsse is one half of the duo Hi & Saberhägen, this fact however became a little less surprising and somewhat more sonically apparent as we delved into the tape.

Gone (99’ Mix)” is the fourth track from the ambitious tape and digital release, and a solo effort from Küsse. The dreamy marimba-styled vocal and organ-like chords accentuate the trip throughout, chopped and smoothly delayed over a simple but effortlessly funky bassline. Crisp, analogue percussion intersperses but returns on cue to rejuvenate each emotive breakdown with impeccable mastery.

The focal point of the track is the reverberating euphoric string chords, which somewhat brilliantly bear a slight resemblance to the chords of a globally reputable classic trance track (ATB – Till I Come). Whether deliberate or inadvertently organic (or perhaps it’s just me having an adverse, emotionally singular reaction), the elements combine neatly to create a blissful concoction, undoubtedly apt for an after-hour permeated by dwindling, soothing sunshine.

Sensible Seelen Vol. 1 is scheduled for release in cassette format on 29 March 2019. The label will host a release party at Paloma Bar in Berlin on 30 March – RSVP.


1. Khshathra – Into Your Soul
2. Dj Küsse, Khshathra – Yung Fragile Masculinity
3. Dj Küsse – Machine Heartbreak
4. Dj Küsse – Gone (99′ Mix)
5. Khshathra – A Love Kind
6. Dj Küsse – Nello
7. Dj Küsse, Khshathra – Smart
8. Khshathra – Goldener Herbst
9. Dj Küsse – Gone (Samo DJ Remix)
10. Khshathra – Into Your Soul (Karima F’s You’re Terrific When You’re Drunk RMX)

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