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Premiere: Escape Artist – Another World (Flørist Remix)

Last oyster to emerge this year from KOC‘s ever well-furnished hamper, Escape Artist‘s new EP, ‘Digital Natives‘, finds the Aussie producer pulling out a quartet of old-school ravey pumpers, rife with his usual pack of trademark cross-pollinating tropes – as heard on Salt Mines and Couch Acid; part club-smashing breaksy ordnance, part lucid dreaming electronics with a ’90s-infused ambient tech twist.

Streaming through our channels today, Flørist depths-dwelling revamp of ‘Another World‘ entices us on a riveting jaunt across intricate meshings of Basic Channel-ian frequencies, loungey acid squelch and screen echoes of sub-oceanic tectonic shifts. The result is one helluva deep and dubby treat, full with entwined skeins of richly textured envelopes to tease your senses into a puzzle-game of warped spatialisation and otherworldly abstraction. Weigh anchor, shut off, trip out.

Digital Natives is released via Kalahari Oyster Cult on 10th December, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp.


A1. Another World
A2. Another World (Flørist Remix)
B1. Digital Natives
B2. Inner City Pressure (Relief Mix)

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