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Premiere: Federsen – Polarity

San Francisco-based producer Federsen inaugurates his Alt Dub imprint with an exquisite EP consisting of four deep and hazy dub techno tracks from himself and Cologne-based production duo Hidden Sequence.

Releasing music since 2010, Federsen has issued music on labels including Canadian label Silent Season, Lithuania label Greyscale, UK label Lempuyang and most recently through German label What Robot Says Records. Remaining loyal to the Basic Channel continuum, Federsen employs a combination of vintage tape delays and analog equipment to create a distinctive and deep sound of dub-infused electronic music.

Consisting of four tracks, ‘Positive Charge‘ EP delivers the finest calibre of deep house and dub techno with unwavering gravitas thanks to upbeat kicks, hypnotic blends of expansive chords and pulse driven rhythms that have become so synonymous with this style of music.

Pressed on heavyweight blue marble vinyl, listeners can rest assured that the quality of wax is on par with the music. Our pick from the release is Federsen’s solo track ‘Polarity‘, which could easily sit alongside the likes of Basic Channel, Maurizio or even Deepchord. This is a potent debut EP from two producers that have invested countless hours in order to master this sound.

‘Positive Charge’ EP is scheduled for release on 17th May via Alt Dub. Order a vinyl copy from Inverted Audio Store.


1. Hidden Sequence – Switch
2. Federsen – Polarity
3. Hidden Sequence – Switch (Federsen Remix)
4. Federsen – Polarity (Hidden Sequence Remix)