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Premiere: HLM38 – Fold-In

One year after his noteworthy debut, ‘House Of The Sun‘, Notte Brigante‘s night-dwelling bandit in chief HLM38 strikes again with ‘First Order Addictions‘, featuring a pair of wonky industrial-informed jams and two remixes from in-vogue sine wave wringers Harmonious Thelonious and Gil.Barte. The result is a fine chunk of slo-churning jazz tech, part Salon des Amateurs-esque opiated funk, part sliced-and-diced EBM meet Boston Dynamics experiment gone enjoyably wrong.

Our premiere, the origamic ‘Fold-In‘ is a particularly wild and nasty salvo of twisted music for the twisted minds. Reminiscent of SebastiAn’s trademark string-heavy, Giallo-bop syncopations but with more of a Cabaret Voltaire-ian spin, HLM38’s sound takes us on a bumpy jaunt across a mazy inferno of eerie melodies, wild-at-heart synth tremolos and dysfunctional rhythms. If terms such as “mind-bending” and “screwy” apply to anything out there, this, is undeniably on top of the list.

First Order Addictions EP is released via Notte Brigante on 11th October 2019, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp.


A1. Fold-In
A2. Subliminal Kid
A3. Untitled Exo
B1. Subliminal Kid (Harmonious Thelonious Remix)
B2. Untitled Exo (Gil.Barte Remix)

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