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Premiere: Jonas Friedlich – Principal Thing

Keeping up with the impressive momentum they’ve been gathering over the last two years, framing a much compelling back catalogue along the way (Locked Club, Florian Kupfer, Jensen Interceptor & Assembler Code, Maelstrom, Art Crime, XAN et al.) Russian elite floor-annihilators Private Persons strike back with a massive final blow courtesy of Munich’s Jonas Friedlich, crowning yet another busy season of high-intensity club busting in proper muscular, heavy flexin’ fashion.

Breaking ‘Gizzea‘ in with devastating effect, the stamina-testing opener ‘Principal Thing‘ puts on the brass knuckles and duffs up the internal ear’s G spot with absolute dead-eye precision as a matter of rough, breakneck foreplay. Alternating sequences of filthy jungle aerobatics, brooding sub-bassy stealth and further rattling jazz drum soloing, the track fluidly evolves into that of a politically-charged assault tune, ready to take dance floors by storm as Prince Far I’s words of wisdom resound from across the sound system deep into the dancers’ soul.

Gizzea is released via Private Persons on 29th November, pre-order a copy from Juno.


A1. Principal Thing
A2. Gizzea
A3. Pow
B1. No Delivery
B2. Rio Rio
B3. Pyra

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