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Premiere: KXB – Remote Discipline

Following notable LP’s from Benedikt Frey and TM Solver, Berlin-based imprint R.i.O. welcome a new production outfit to the fold, courtesy of Sam Gill and Wes Holland under their novel production alias KXB.

“Born and baptised on the balcony at Robert Johnson in 2019, whilst Wes lived in London and Sam in Melbourne.” – ‘Areas of Uncertainty‘ marks the production duos first musical output, bolstered with a foreboding dark dub remix from none other than Richard Fearless.

Issued on both vinyl and digital formats, ‘Areas of Uncertainty’ is a bold EP from KXB – serving up three solo tracks spanning experimental techno on ‘Breach‘, lysergic breakbeat on ‘Remote Discipline‘, and live drumming (akin to LCD Soundsystem) on the final track ‘Efficient (Live Version)‘.

Our pick is ‘Remote Discipline‘ – a bleary eyed downtempo ode to 5am antics, enamoured with looped vocals and euphoric breaks that eventually kick in at the 3 minute mark. This track envelopes listeners in halcyon waves of rave, be sure to dive into the deepness.

‘Areas Of Uncertainty’ is scheduled for release on 26 May via R.i.O. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Breach
2. Remote Discipline
3. Breach (Richard Fearless Remix)
4. Efficient (Live Version)