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Premiere: LB aka Labat – 5 (feat. Josephin Bovien)

Omnivorous DJ and deft MPC knob-twiddler, Strasbourg-born, Lyon-based DJ and producer LB aka Labat first emerged in 2015 with his debut tape album ‘People Of Anoubiz Vol. 1‘ on BFDM, followed a year later by a double 12″ package on Groovedge – the excellent ‘Disques Solaires‘. Between 2017 and the beginning of the year, Labat dedicated his efforts to two new structures: Alélah Records, founded alongside Polow, and Le Petit Zoo Records, co-run with Pablo Valentino.

In the wake of his latest EP – ‘Trimz & Thangz‘ – freshly out via Brighton’s Wolf Music, Baptistin Cabalou announced his return this summer with a fourth full-length delivery titled ‘Fake Memories‘ – a hefty 17-track chunk of hip-hop instrumentals and low-slung abstract grooves reminiscent of the early DJ Shadow and Amon Tobin, to be released June 30 on Alélah Records.

Streaming via our channels today, the luscious R’n’B number ‘5‘ – featuring Copenhagen-based vocalist Josephin Bovien – exposes the breadth and scope of Labat’s palette as both a beatsmith and arranger, incorporating the singer’s voice nicely into his slack rhythmic patterns via a scaled-down battery of elements; fitted and adjusted to gently encase her delicate singing in a made-to-measure instrumental chassis. “Let’s hit 5 minutes of love“, sing it along, “feel the appreciation“.

Fake Memories is released via Alélah Records on 30th June, pre-order a copy from Chez Emile Records.


A1. Sunshine (Let It Come)
A2. Bombobiii
A3. Fausse Trap…
A4. Dirdy Whatever
A5. Collapse
A6. Sticky Green Part Deuce
A7. Thirsty For Cash
A8. Francis (Interlude)
A9. Deep In Your… (feat. Bruno Hovart)
B1. Nothin’ New (feat. C. Rou)
B2. The Look Of Love
B3. Fake Memories (feat. Original Ledoux)
B4. STE 46
B5. Art Form
B6. 5 (feat. Josephin Bovien)
B7. Paracas
B8. I See Shit Slow

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