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Premiere: Ohad Peleg – Mantra

Tel-Aviv based record label Sadan was founded last year by a group of producers, artists, and graphic designers. Not bound to a certain style or aesthetic, the label has released a broad spectrum of music, touching on everything from subaquatic techno to the type of contemporary electronics that evade easy categorisation.

For their next release, Ohad Peleg steps up with an EP that fuses a range of influences from his teenage years with modern club constructions. The label co-founder has also announced that all proceeds from the EP will be donated to the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund.

Our pick from the EP is ‘Mantra’. With stuttering vocals and haunting pads, the track is syrupy and seductive. The components of familiar drill instrumentals are reassembled. The original design is still partially recognisable, but the angles are skewed and strange.

‘Fading’ is scheduled for release 17 June via Sadan. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Mantra
2. Not Supposed
3. Viridian
4. Fading