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Premiere: Pavel – I’m eclipsed, I’m elsewhere

Swiss record label Blizzard Audio Club prepare to release the forthcoming album from long-standing label affiliate Pavel.

Spanning 12-tracks, ‘Environnement‘ is a concept album consisting of field recordings and natural audio samples captured by the producer over several months in Switzerland. The album also features collaborations with fellow Swiss producer Arthur Henry, Berlin-based producer V4NT4BL4CK and Ismaël seulement.

Our pick from the album is ‘I’m eclipsed, I’m elsewhere‘, an experimental piece of drone electronica enhanced by a nexus of chirping echoes, dismantled percussions and dewy-eyed piano chords. With humming chords taking over from the second half of the track, Pavel delves into a veiled moonscape filled with drone-infused oscillations and hair-rising chord progressions.

‘Environnement’ is scheduled for release on 3rd May via Blizzard Audio Club. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Sell me a promise (ft. V4NT4BL4CK)
2. Desolate apostles (ft. Arthur Henry)
3. Massacres, massacres, massacres, new shoes
4. I’m eclipsed, I’m elsewhere
5. Tasty tasty poison
6. Tourbières (ft. Ismaël seulement)
7. Peace (or the absence at least, of terror)
8. Come dance in the deluge
9. Desolate apostles (ft. Arthur Henry) [Radio Edit]
10. Massacres, massacres, massacres, new shoes [Radio Edit]
11. Tourbières (ft. Ismaël seulement) [Radio Edit]
12. Come dance in the deluge [Radio Edit]