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Premiere: Pelican Daughters – Lambent Lights

A role model in artistic integrity and dedication, Kashual Plastik is as bold in its endeavours as it is uncompromising in its choices. Throwing down the gauntlet to the stale, unimaginative fringe of electronic music with style, the German imprint has established as a particularly reliable purveyor of off-kilter sounds and other genre-busting oddities, stoutly carving out a lane of its own.

Back in November with their fifth iteration, KP gathers for the occasion quite a varied cast of tremendous talents in the persons of Andy Rantzen (better known for being a half of the duo Itch-E & Scratch-E alongside Paul Mac), Rantzen’s former band Pelican Daughters, Shibboleth and Knapp, all projects from the same bunch of Sydney-based friends from the pre-Silent Records era, “when enthusiasm and amateurism reigned supreme and each new track was an adventure“.

Our premiere today comes courtesy of Aussie psych and experimental band Pelican Daughters, whose unreleased track ‘Lambent Lights‘ bears great resemblance with Matt Mondanile’s lysergic lo-fi pop, as Ducktails especially – and it sure is a good thing. Softly battered by nostalgic winds and a hard-to-resist, lulling swing, this one’s tailored for dreamy summer road-trips and off-piste hikes in the wild with friends. Hop on board and sail off to hallucinated wonderlands, where the sky is purple and the flowers sing. A well worthy ride.

Kashual Plastik 005 is out in November.


1. Andy Rantzen – Beacon Hill
2. Andy Rantzen – Starkness
3. Pelican Daughters – Lambent Lights
4. Pelican Daughters – A Manner Of Speaking
5. Shibboleth – Open The Cupboard
6. Shibboleth – Navigation At Night
7. Shibboleth – The Auctioneer
8. Knapp – Head Burglary
9. Knapp – Until I Contact You Again I Have A Dream
10. Knapp – Zag
11. Knapp – He She It

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