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Premiere: Philip Budny – Revaler

Since the label’s inception back two years ago, Edinburgh’s Lionoil Industries have clearly given the heading towards lulling deep house territories and sun-streaked dreamlands, rapidly beefing up their funky palette thanks to a serious bunch of groove slingers, including the likes of FYI Chris, Thinktank, Telfort, Hi & Saberhägen and label owner Percy Main amongst others.

Today the Scottish imprint return with the debut offering of Berlin-based producer Philip Budny, whose soberly-titled ‘Lionoil EP‘ shall ring a bell to those who’ve seen Move D perform around Europe as of late, as it’s fast become one of Moufang’s most-used floor weapons this year.

The lead cut – ‘Revaler‘ – shines particularly high with its mirthful compound of jacking mechanics, heavy-breathing synth chords and well-rounded piano stabs gliding in smooth cascades. Add to this a jaunty, footwork-friendly swing sieved through a much silky sound design, and you got the recipe to one of this year’s festival season’s most adequate bangers. 100% ear-candy.

Lionoil EP is out today, order a vinyl copy from Bandcamp.


A1. Swirls
A2. Bober
B1. Revaler
B2. Revaler (Seb W’s Sneaky Reshuffle)

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