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Premiere: Simo Cell – Crystal

Having your name stamped on one of Livity Sound’s center labels is quite the accomplishment for a French producer no one had heard of yet, since it was his very debuts in the game.

Only foreigner to have been given the grace of releasing along the likes of a founding crew that counts amongst its ranks the cream of the crop of bass music in the persons of Pev, Kowton and Asusu, Simo Cell has since cemented his position as a stalwart of the Bristolian label, gaining praise from both critics and audiences around Europe for his truly unique blends of rawboned breakbeat and atmospheric techno.

This shared love with BFDM for off-kilter bassy hybrids, rough-edged riddims and old school syncopations is certainly what makes Simon’s debut offering for the Lyon-based imprint this much of a keenly anticipated encounter. Across five mind-altering cuts that weave straight up oppressive ambiences and far-flung intergalactic echoes, Simo joins the dots between Aphex and Arpanet, Autechre and Drexciya with style and poise.

Our premiere, ‘Crystal‘ breaks things in on a propulsive note, merging blipping synth shards beaming like lasers with a set of lashing snares and spooky pads. Imagine advancing in the smoke-filled corridors of a severely damaged spaceship taken over by alien entities, seeking refuge in decompression chambers on the lookout for an escape pod. Guns blazing, adrenaline rushing, the end is near. Stay alert for facehuggers, the hunt is on.

Pogdance is released via BFDM on 1st June 2017.


A1. Crystal
A2. Echo Doppler
A3. Rand0m N0izes
B1. I Love The Monkey Head
B2. Storm Seven

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