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Premiere: Uxile – Agota (feat. Dilery)

Now on the cusp of their nineteenth release, Berlin-based record label and art collective Unguarded prepare to release ‘Vapors Unfold‘ – courtesy of label co-founder Philipp Hülsenbeck, also known as Uxile.

In the last decade, the multidextrous misfit has worked in many roles, from sound designer for the clothing brand Tíscar Espadas, mixing engineer for Perera Elsewhere and solo releases on TraTraTrax and German label Altin Village & Mine. This time, Philipp Hülsenbeck explores mind-bending experimental and deconstructed club aesthetics with a wide array of guests, including American rapper Old Grape God and Mexican artist Dilery.

Our pick from the release is ‘Agota‘ – thanks to its post-club polyphony transporting us to an Epicurean sanctuary crafted by a cyber-freak assembly. Featuring dystopian strings, mouth-watering chants from Mexican artist Dilery and post-modernist breaks, Uxile slots in the Latin-infected rhythms phenomenon, sitting right in between Clara! and El irreal Veintiuno.

‘Vapors Unfold’ is scheduled for release on 24th November via Unguarded. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Agota (ft. Dilery)
2. Loose Brakes I
3. Begging For Feedback (ft. Old Grape God)
4. Fury Life, Yawn (ft. Dilery)
5. Double Stretch My Soul
6. Squeaky Lips
7. Vapors Unfold
8. Cicatriz