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Premiere: Vasco Ispirian – Flashing On Flushing

Five months since the release of ‘Fata Morgana I‘, German label Collateral Series gear up to issue their second extended player from Spanish producer Vasco Ispirian.

With a career spanning over two decades, Ispirian has developed a distinct sonic identity that traces its roots back to the formative days of Madrid’s club culture. Presenting four tracks, ‘Fata Morgana II‘ EP combines interplanetary dub techno with kosmische soundscapes, acid house and mutant ambient.

Our pick is ‘Flashing On Flushing‘ – a mesmerising slice of dub techno starting with a bass-driven groove backed by thumping kick drums, before leading to spaced-echoed soundscapes and a superstorm of streaking hi-hats. At the beginning of the second minute, the track reaches a high point capped by a hyper-acid crescendo.

‘Fata Morgana II’ is scheduled for release on 24th June via Collateral Series. Order a copy from Juno.


1. Ohdee
2. Flashing On Flushing
3. Escape into the Sunset
4. My Pleasure