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Premiere: Yunna – Aki

Today’s premiere is a resonant roller courtesy of Los Angeles-via-Taiwan producer Yunna, a sonic force unearthing her immeasurable potential after a long journey of loss and reclamation brought upon enduring, life-shaping experiences that have moulded both her personal and creative life.

Her five-tracker on Worst Behavior, entitled ‘Rinne’ – presents an inward journey for the burgeoning artist that navigated the valleys of self-acceptance, self love, motherhood, and the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. The title itself is Japanese for reincarnation, and presents an auditory tapestry of the ups-and-downs that framed her experiences into enduringly memorable tracks that hit the nerve of the hardcore continuum ever so deeply.

Our pick of the lot is “Aki“, a hypnotic breaks-laden bustler that dives deep into the mind of the listener and never loosens its hold; brought up for air with buoyancy, occasional whimsy and caked with sub-frequential satisfaction. Take the plunge for yourself after the jump.

‘Rinne’ is scheduled for release on 3 May via Worst Behavior. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Day
2. Aki
3. Sea
4. Wou
5. Dia