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Simo Cell to release debut EP on Livity Sound

French producer Simon Aussel aka Simo Cell will release his debut ‘Cellar Door / Piste Jaune‘ EP through Livity Sound’s sister label Dnuos Ytivil on 31st July 2015.

Delving deep into the Bristolian inheritance, both tracks let percussion do the talking. Cellar Door unleashes some deep-merging wobbly flexures along reverb-drenched hats and snares to tighten up the groove while a chaplet of flanging drums give some amplitude to the whole.

On the flip, the shuffling Piste Jaune delivers a straight club-dedicated moment with its bumpy swing and bass-driven melody surfacing from FX-bathed, bleeping synth spritzes. Yet another quality release from the Livity Sound family.

Cellar Door / Piste Jaune will be released through Dnuos Ytivil on 31st July 2015.


A Cellar Door
B Piste Jaune


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