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Tallesen to release debut LP on Daniel Lopatin’s label – Watch music video

Software Recording Company, the Brooklyn based label curated by Daniel Lopatin aka Oneohtrix Point Never, will release the debut album ‘Stills Lit Through‘ from the New York based musician and visual artist Tallesen on 6th October 2014.

Hailing from the Hudson Valley of New York, Tallesen, real name Cayman Johnson, describes the album as a response to the “continuous flexibility of the physical setting by the additive of sound.” A reference to his joyful erasure of the distinction between music and experience.

The twelve songs of ‘Stills Lit Through‘ conjure an eidolon of melodies painted with watercolor brushstrokes both calm (“Glenticast”) and frenetic (“Emmel”). To our ears, this closely characterizes Johnson’s work as a visual artist. File under Autechre.

Stills Lit Through is available October 7, 2014 via Software Recording Co. on LP, CD and digital formats.



1. Blue Stills
2. Glenticast
3. Chime Ever
4. Motion Past Shine
5. Take Flash East
6. Emmel
7. Set Red, Seize Gray
8. Strike Silver, Love Green
9. Plasticized Fsa
10. Illusion Crossed Phase
11. Landmark Rituals
12. Teal Spot Focus
13. Court Sight (Bonus Track)
14. Eveibury (Bonus Track)
15. Line Cross Shore (Bonus Track)16. Night Bloom (Bonus Track)

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