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The World’s 100 Most Influential Music Blogs

Yesterday London based music and lifestyle publication Style Of Sound published a list of the top 100 most influential music blogs from around the globe. Inverted Audio ranked #56, ahead of Disco Belle, Feel My Bicep, Yours Truly, Gorilla vs Bear and Dummy.

The Style of Sound researched thousands of music blogs to pinpoint the top 100 influential blogs in the world. Blogs were compiled from first hand knowledge, others were discovered through countless hours of following blogrolls, and a selection derived from influencers themselves.

In order to identify what blogs and online magazine to add to the list, John Noi, the editor of the Style of Sound, created a scoring system based on each blogs’ content quality, post update frequency, SEO stats, social media stats, and social signals via Twitter and Facebook to create an influencer profile. They then looked at each site’s Klout score, and soon discovered that they could combine their scoring system with Klout’s to identify the most influential music blogs.

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