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Tresor publish 76-page graphic novel ‘The Book Of Drexciya, Vol. 1.’

Following the successful Indiegogo campaign by Detroit-based visual artist Abdul Qadim Haqq – Tresor will publish a 76-page hardcover edition of ‘The Book Of Drexciya, Vol. 1‘ on May 22.

The epic graphic novel focuses on the mythology behind the legendary Detroit electro duo Drexciya. Spread over 5 vivid chapters and 76 pages, the reader will follow the story of the first Drexciyan, from his subaquatic birth, will get introduced to Dr. Blowfin, Master of Alchemy and Quantum Genetics, hear the story of the birth of the wave jumpers and enter Bubble Metropolis.

The book has full support of living Drexciya member Gerald Donald and Helen Stinson, the surviving mother of James Stinson. Authored by Abdul Qadim Haqq and Dai Sato, it features the art of Haqq, Leo Rodrigues, Alan Oldham, Hector Rubilar, Leonardo Gondim, Daniel Oliviera and Milton Estevam.

Haqq’s legendary concept imagery associated with the Detroit techno community and beyond for almost 30 years and his contributions to the mythology at the time of conception makes him uniquely positioned to lead this endeavour. Dai Sato is most known for his screenwriting for some of the most classic animes such as Ghost in the Shell and Cowboy Bebop!

‘The Book Of Drexciya, Vol. 1.’ is out on 22 May and only 500 copies will be made.