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Selectors: Red Light Radio

We are proud to present this Sole Selectors film made in partnership with Dekmantel and Grolsch. In the film both crews discuss their unstoppable passion for music and how it resulted in establishing an online radio station “Red Light Radio” and record store in the heart of Amsterdam’s red light district.

“We’re here in this perfect environment doing the radio,
the shop is next door, we’re all friends sharing what we love most.
It’s a perfect thing.”

Orpheu De Jong - (Co-Founder Red Light Radio)


 “I think the knowledge comes from years and years of digging.
You build up your database. You just have to do a lot of digging.
Get dusty and on your knees.”

Tako Reyenga - (Co-Owner of Red Light Records)


“The enthusiasms for all this music is not something that fades.
I think maybe it even gets more over the years, you discover more
and there is always new doors to open and see or hear new stuff”.
Orpheu De Jong - (Co-Founder Red Light Radio)

This video was produced in the lead up to the Selectors stage at Dekmantel Festival 2016 in Amsterdam and Dekmantel Selectors Festival in Croatia, where all key players in the documentary perform.

Director: Jaroslav Moravec
Editors: Eelco Couvreur & Tom Durston
Producer: Bert De Rooij
Titles: Stefan Daniels
Made by Inverted Audio