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Benjamin Ducroz: PRESS +

Press +‘ is a network of shapes that influence one another. Every entity has it’s own form and movement, creating a string of mini-big bangs which have a beginning and end, the death of one shape influences the birth of the next.

PRESS + from ducroz on Vimeo.

‘Press +’ uses a combination of inkjet printed frames and watercolour to convey a spectacle of colour, form and movement. What may appear as a digitally generated animation it is in fact a frame by frame composition created out of hand effected print-outs, which in my opinion is visually remarkable.¬†Samuel Acres designed the music to go alongside ‘Press +’. It’s a beautiful piece bridging digital and analogue in the form of this minute or so animated short.

Benjamin Ducroz is an accomplished motion designer who lives and works in Melbourne, Australia. He has worked for the likes of Superfab and MTV and his work has been exhibited internationally in galleries and festivals such as the Asian Art Bienale (Taiwan), the F5 Festival (Australia) and the Recontres Internationales (Paris, Berlin and Madrid).

He is inspired by the forms, patterns and movement found in nature and the surrounding built environment. He works with found objects and visual abstraction to create dynamic single channel videos and animations. His works are made with a blend of stop motion animation and computer graphics that propel the viewer into a kaleidoscope of form and movement, creating mini-choreographies.

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