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Woodsman are an experimental ambient post-psychedelic band based in Denver, CO. The quartet contains two totemic percussionists and two sonic animators who employ electric guitars, feedback loops, and recorded samples to build the dreamy astral soundscapes that define Woodsman’s sound. Influenced by hazy mountain passes, the cinema of Stan Brakhage, and early 1970’s improvisational recordings by Miles Davis Woodsman has crafted aural offerings that are uniquely their own.

Woodsman band member Trevor sent us Woodsman’s latest track ‘Time Track’, which you can find in the player as well as their seven favourite music videos of 2010.

“I really dig when the visual representation of a song seems to mold seamlessly with the feeling the tune gives me on its own. I chose these 7 for that reason.” [Trevour, Woodsman]

Top Music Videos of 2010

  1. Sun Araw ‘Deep Cover’
  2. Tennis ‘Cape Dory’
  3. Games ‘Strawberry Skies’ (feat. Laurel Halo)
  4. Tjutjuna ‘Mosquito Hawk’
  5. Stellar Om Source ‘Island Best’
  6. Julian Lynch ‘In New Jersey’
  7. Prince Rama ‘Om Namo Shivaya’

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