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Music Video: Maledetti – Essere

Released: 24 November 2017

Combining EBM with Nineties club culture’s tonalities, Maledetti is the joint effort of Riccardo Schirò and Red Bull Music Academy attendee Lamusa II. After collaborating within Gravity Graffiti earlier this year, the two young artists recently announced the coming release of their debut EP ‘Ritmi‘, a banging five-tracker including a remix from Going Good and JINN affiliate Yoshinori Hayashi, due out late November through Riccardo’s imprint.

To accompany the release of the EP, the Italian duo have had a video done for the lead-track ‘Essere’, which we are proud to premiere today. The hectic, pulsating essence of the track is well pictured through intricate juxtapositions of varied shapes and colours; lava flows interlacing with glitchy molecules and spirals. As the rhythm of bongos and wooden sounds increases so does the video’s mad, kaleidoscopic psychedelia. It’s never been so easy to give yourself to the beat.

Ritmi is released via Gravity Graffiti on 24th November 2017, order a copy from Rubadub.


A1. Sentire
A2. Creare
A3. Avere
B1. Ricreare (Yoshinori Hayashi Remix)
B2. Essere

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