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Enter Chafik Chennouf’s 360° visual realm of darkness for ‘Ferroequinologie’

A few days ago we unveiled the teaser to a piece we’re particularly eager to share with you. A long time in the works, the video for Chafik ChennoufFerroequinologie‘ (taken from his upcoming tape EP ‘Dual Aspect‘ on Opal Tapes) lures you into a parallel universe that oozes nothing but nighttime terror and situational claustrophobia.

Directed, designed and animated by Thomas de Rijk – who’s put his top-notch skills to use for famed platforms such as MTV and Adult Swim, the malleable 3D visual illustration to ‘Ferroequinologie‘ equals the creeping compound of humming anxiety and sudden high-pressure bursts already present in Chennouf’s severed sound design.

These nightmarish visions wouldn’t be complete without the 360-degree experience, which allows you to immerse further deep into the darkest nooks of this murky (slaughterhouse?) apartment. From the desperately barren atmosphere of the first floor – minus a few pieces of rotten meat here and there – to the weird encounters you’ll make when heading to the mezzanine, this one’s got enough chills to make you quiver for the season.


Direction, Design, Animation: Thomas De Rijk
Programming & Additional Effects: Enrique Arce Gutierrez
Made possible by TAXfonds

Dual Aspect is released via Opal Tapes on 31st October, order a copy from Bandcamp


1. Ferroequinologie
2. Hanneton
3. Ferroequinologie (Lucy Remix)
4. Ferroequinologie (Mondkopf Remix)
5. Ferroequinologie (Katsunori Sawa Remix)
6. The Observer Effect

Discover more about Chafik Chennouf and Opal Tapes on Inverted Audio.

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