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Kentaro Hayashi: Peculiar

“The Osaka-based mastering engineer’s production debut is granted the platform it thoroughly deserves, on potentially the most appropriate label for its release” *This review is part
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100% Opal Tapes

For our second merchandise collaboration we team up with Opal Tapes to present a limited collection of premium organic tees and jumpers, adorned with a four-way
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Electronica-infused modular techno rubbing off onto post-industrial ambient upholstery, Ravitz’s music is essentially alien and intrepidly unpigeonholeable to the bone. Patrica steps up to provide an ultra rare live recording taken from his performance at the debut edition of Bucharest’s Automata Festival – a masterclass of ultra-sensory techno grooves and playful hardware juggling.

Emra Grid: Shay’s Vacation House

Shay’s Vacation House isn’t always a pleasant stay, yet there is something compelling about it, like tonguing an ulcer to feel the rush of pain and withdrawing only to feel the throb beckoning you back for another prod.

In Perspective: Michael Vallera

His most recent piece, the dazzling and thoughtful ‘Vivid Flu’, mirrors the complexity of today’s multi-vectorial communication systems and endless interfacing that so often come out on existential vacuums and deep identity crisis. Firmly anchored in this era of uncertainty, and looking at this exacting reality through its own magnifying glass, Vallera’s work wholly deserved a new scan.