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Premiere: Lyra Valenza – Down Not Out

Commanded by an analogous appetite for subversive floor ordnance, cutting-edge electronics and off-road rhythmic experimentation, it’s safe to say Copenhagen-based imprint Petrola 80 and Stephen Bishop’s Opal Tapes make for the perfect match. Brought together by the joint release of Lyra Valenza‘s forthcoming four-tracker, ‘Scan Deliver‘, the two labels found the perfect occasion to expose the breadth of their shared savoir-faire with this fresh cluster of glittering ravey breakers, halfway “piano led hardcore nostalgia and murky sinogrime” as they amusingly sum it up.

Lifted from this wildly futuristic collection of stormy uptempo rides, the meteoric ‘Down Not Out‘ is on approach and man, God knows it promises to unleash maximal mayhem in the club and its vicinity. Hardcore to the bone, the track alternates moments of utter tumult, epic breaks and further heavenly ambientish sequences to generate the kind of high-velocity momentum both the old and new school of ravers will undoubtedly revel in. With its trancey synth flak gunning full blast and fracturing gabber kicks pounding their way in, this one’s equipped to subjugate even the most irresolute of crowds. When the Danish rave task force flexes muscles, they simply don’t fool around.

Scan, Deliver is released via Petrola 80 and Opal Tapes on 8th November, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp.


A1. Down Not Out
A2. Need My Space
B1. January Airdrop
B2. Reality Blizz

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